About Womens

IAG women's ministry provides an opportunity for friendship, support, encouragement and to deepen their relationship with God. They get together once a month to study the word, pray for one another and share their needs. This is the time of spiritual and emotional renewal for our women. Women also strongly believe that prayer is the key for a successful church. Some of the women gather once a week in conjunction with the prayer ministry to intercede for individuals, families, church, missionaries and Nations. Women’s ministry plays an important role in the mission work by fundraising through bake sale once a month to help the missionaries who are supported in U.S.A and abroad. Women’s ministry brings togetherness and a sense of caring among our sisters and continues to be a channel of blessing for everyone.


Christian Education
(For all Ages)
9:30 am
Malayalam Worship Service 9:15 am
Tamil Worship Service 9:15 am
English Worship Service 10:30 am
Children's Church 11:15 am
Prayer Cell @ West side 7:00 pm
Prayer Cell @ East side 7:30 pm
Friday(Fellowship Night)
Malayalam Service 7:00 pm
Tamil bible class
(2nd week of the month)
7:00 pm
English Service 7:00 pm
Kids Bible Quiz Program 7:00 pm
Refreshment 8:30 pm
Music Practice 8:30 pm
Intercessory prayer 8:30 pm
Sports 8:30 pm
Youth Activities 8:30 pm
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