3949 East Nine Mile Road,
Warren, MI 48091
Phone: 586-755-0500
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1. Your full name:

Caleb Cain

2. Where were you born? Do you consider yourself a Michigander, Oklahoman, or Texan and why?

Even though I have only lived in Texas for about 3 years of my life, I still consider it home because I was born there. I go back to visit my home, San Antonio whenever I can because most of my family still lives in that area and I like visiting my grandparents.

3. Where do you like to go out to eat?

My favorite places to eat are Mexican restaurants, I love nearly any Mexican dish served to me well. When I visit Texas, I eat Mexican food at least every couple of days. Ha ha!.

4. Favorite childhood memory

I always loved camping when I was younger, and my favorite trip was when my family went to Mt. Rushmore and camped in between days at the local park. I'll never forget staying up late one night with my brothers and seeing at least 100 shooting stars one of the nights there.

5. You're involved with the JBQ - how's that going?

I've mostly been volunteering as an official for JBQ this year since I started a TBQ (Teen Bible Quiz) team this year. TBQ has been going really well, and I'm happy to see many of the young ones here at the church take an interest. We're studying the Gospel of John right now, and everyone has memorized John chapters 1 and 3 so far, it's truly an amazing thing. Make sure to compliment the kids on their hard work, if you see them.

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