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Our History Continues...

Pastor Johnson Manuel decided to move with his family to Indiana. The Church decided to appoint Pastor Abraham E. Thomas from New York as the Senior Pastor starting July of 1997.

Pastor Thomas became quickly known and respected for his exceptional spiritual gifting of helping others as well as the ability to relate with people of all backgrounds. Also, having had much experience with missions, evangelism and youth ministries within the United States and in India, Pastor Thomas further committed to meet the needs of our younger generation as well as move towards the inclusion of all peoples beyond the Indian culture. As a result, the important decision was made to conduct the Sunday morning worship service fully in English in order to accommodate everyone’s needs.

As the church proceeded to expand, the congregation relocated to Troy Assembly of God in 1998 with the courtesy of Pastor Robert Cholette.  Pastor Thomas, soon after, was given a vision from the Lord to direct our believers towards the emphasis of “A Church for all Language Groups.”  The congregation embraced this vision and committed to reaching a wider community of people groups. 

In 1999 the church was renamed International Assembly of God (IAG) to reflect our new mission and vision. A friend of Pastor Thomas, Pastor Forrest Spears along with his wife, joined IAG for few years with a heart for missions and campus ministries. During his stay, he was appointed as the Evangelism pastor with special focus on Wayne State University. His presence within our church body was a great blessing and his ministry at Wayne State was a very vital outreach.

In 1999, it was becoming clear that IAG should obtain her own place of worship and thus a building fund was established. For the following few years, as the church continued to grow and develop, Pastor Thomas and the church body’s sacrificial giving and set apart time and efforts with special concerts, and fund raising programs towards this goal of purchasing a building.

Finally, by the wonderful grace of God and the diligence of so many members, IAG was able to acquire the building at 3949 East Nine Mile Road on March 4, 2004.  The church was officially dedicated on May 23, 2004.  The sacrificial giving of our members, many of the churches in the Detroit community and throughout the United States as well as the contribution of the Assemblies of God Michigan District, is very deeply appreciated.

The church membership experienced rapid growth after the purchase of the church Building.  In June of 2004, India Pentecostal Assembly, a local Pentecostal congregation, merged with IAG along with its’ Senior Pastor, late Pastor M. V. George. Pastor George continued to faithfully serve for two more years at IAG, by assisting in various ministries until his home going in 2006.

Soon after, an official church mission statement was established at IAG.  After much collaboration and careful review, the church arrived at the mission statement as follows
Preach the full gospel to all people; Provide a place for spirit filled worship and fellowship; emPower believers to become true disciples of Christ.

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