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Our History Continues...

IAG continued to cooperate with the area wide Indian Community for conventions and conferences.  In 2000 and 2005, IAG hosted the Assemblies of God India Fellowship of North America (AGIFNA) conferences held in Michigan.  Pastor Abraham E. Thomas and the church members were a very vital part of organizing and executing the arrangements of those National Conferences.

The church status had previously been upgraded from a Home Missions church to District Supervised, and in 2007, IAG became recognized as Assemblies of God General Council affiliated church.

Pastor Thomas served our church body at IAG for 14 years as senior pastor, until the year 2011.

Throughout the next 15 months of searching for a Pastor, the church body was privileged to experience much needed support and guidance from the Assemblies of God Michigan District.  IAG was provided with wonderfully, seasoned, servants of God who delivered the applicable Word of God every Sunday in our main worship service.

During this period, our Board members and Elders sacrificially and prayerfully spent countless hours to plan, prepare and perform the necessary duties of the church as well as provide spiritual support to the congregation within their capacities.

After many months of prayer and groundwork, in October of 2012, IAG was privileged to receive Pastor Thomas Yohannan to the Senior Pastoral position joined by his wife and two sons. Since then, our church body has been so blessed with Pastor’s love, gentle spiritual guidance and intuitive teaching of God’s Holy Word. The Lord has indeed, dealt wonderfully with us.

Some of the major highlights during the years of 2004 to the present are:

  • Five annual family retreats were held to encourage spiritual renewal and fellowship.
  • Many members as well as those yearning to obey the Lords command were baptized.
  • Annual Outreach efforts such as, Church wide Christmas Programs as well as Church Picnics and Christmas Caroling outreach were organized through our Men’s ministries and Sports ministries.
  • Several Christian Music Concerts were also organized as an outreach.
  • IAG is very proud of our Bible Quiz teams and celebrates the JBQ team who made it all the way to the national level in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015.
  • Many of our members joined the AG Michigan School of Ministries (MISOM) for formal theological studies to equip themselves for ministries and one among them, Pastor Mathew T. Sam got his ordination on 2014.
  • Started an outreach ministry at Wayne State University, established Chi Alpha unit led by Pastor Mathew T. Sam.
  • Conducted multiple outreach events at Wayne State University.
  • IAG once again took the task of hosting the AGIFNA 2016 conference; Pastor Mathew T. Sam. as National Convener.

In remembering who we were and where we have come from as an assembly of believers, we offer our humble gratitude to each and every member over the years, those of whom gave of themselves willingly, those of whom took time from their own families and responsibilities to faithfully dedicate themselves in service for the Lord toward the advancement of His kingdom. God sees and knows the heart of his children.

IAG’s deepest appreciation goes to each and every pastor who shepherded this flock, laboring and interceding daily in love for the spiritual welfare of this church. Our gratitude also extends to each and every department head, board member and elder who has served the members and the pastor over the past years. Collectively, your leadership and obedience to the headship of our Savior has ushered us to the place we are today.

Finally, all glory and honor go to our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, who provided us a living hope through His plan of salvation on the cross of Calvary. May we, as International Assembly of God, daily consecrate ourselves to be a holy people.  May we build up one another, and strive to reach the lost together, in love and unity, that we may, as a body, be used to help fulfill the Lord’s redemptive purposes in this world.


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