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In The Spotlight
Kasril George

1. What are some challenges you’ve faced as a Christian?

I have always struggled with being the same person inside and outside the church. I feel it is so easy to get sucked into living a double life at school where no one is there to monitor. The one thing that helps me continue living a Christian life wherever I am is the desire to always glorify Christ and not taint His name among non-believers.


2. Who is your role model?

My parents are great role models for me. They both use Christian morals to live day by day and have set a standard for how one should treat another person with love and patience. I also aspire to have a close and personal relationship with God as my parents.


3. "7​0​​% ​of Christian teens entering college ​are ​walking away from their faith." (Source) Does attending church make sense to you? Why or why not?

For the youth, it's so easy to fall away from the faith once we’re on our own. We need a strong group of believers to support us wherever we go. Every week we must draw closer to God by understanding His Word. Of course, we can read the Bible and learn on our own but it is also imperative that we are under the leadership of a pastor who can give more insight to those who are young. If we don’t go to church, where are we going to bring our non-Christian friends on a Sunday? The church can give us resources that we otherwise wouldn't have access to so that we can be more fruitful for the Kingdom of God.


4. Digital Bible vs printed Bible. Which do you prefer and why?

I have always been taught to use a printed Bible. It's easy to get distracted when using a Bible app on our phone. But, if a person can withstand the temptation, a digital Bible is more viable.


5. You have been part of the church worship team for some time. How has music influenced your faith life?

Music has always been a core part of my life. God uses music as a medium to speak to us and for that reason, I have loved being part of the worship team. There are so many songs that touch our hearts and I feel that many a time, through a song God has given me hope in hard times.


6. Who is your favorite Christian artiste?

Leeland, Hillsong, and a worship leader named David Funk.


7. Any advice to budding musicians in the church?

Practice, get better and use what God has given you to glorify His name.

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